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SBB 2041
SBB 2061
SBB 2065
SBB 2091

American Roulette

SBB 5111
Experience the special appeal of the fast version of French roulette. Here you will find an overview of all the special features and winning opportunities.

Black Jack

SBB 5152
Blackjack - the fair and exciting casino version of the popular card game 17 and 4. We would like to show you here how you can win while having fun.

A touch of luck

  • Classic slots, bingo, poker, multi roulette and blackjack
    machines as well as ultramodern multiplayer and video slots
  • Intuitive and easy to play
  • Payout rates of approx. 94% to approx. 97%
  • Minimum bet: 1 cent

Our numerous jackpot systems offer you additional chances to win.

Win an overview

When and how much you win is displayed by the pay tables on the machine; you can also view them by pressing the information button on the machine. You decide whether you want to play one, two or several pay lines at the same time.

The rule of thumb is:

  • The more lines per game, the greater the chances of winning
  • The higher the bet per line, the higher your potential win will be

Play conveniently with cash and tickets:

  • Start your game with cash
  • To collect your winnings, simply push the payout button (Cash Out or Collect) and take a winnings ticket with your credit printed on it (ticket)
  • You can then continue playing with this ticket on other machines (Ticket In) or exchange it at the cashier’s office
  • Big wins are paid out personally by a member of staff

Please note:

Tickets are valid for 231 days and can only be used or paid out at the casino where they are issued.

By the way, we’re always delighted to receive a tip (tronc), as all happy winners jointly finance our employees’ salaries with their tips. How much? That depends entirely on how happy you are feeling.