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Things you should know

What is used in the game?
The game uses six decks of 52 cards, giving a total of 312 cards. The individual cards are assigned the following values: Ace, depending on the player’s decision: 1 or 11 Jack, queen, king: 10 Cards 2–10: Face value.

Who plays against whom?
Up to seven active players per table play against the bank. In addition, someone else may “play behind” at each box. The difference is that the controlling player decides how many cards to take and the person playing behind bets on whether the controlling player will beat the bank.

How much is bet?
There are minimum and maximum bets established by limits. These limits are displayed at the table (min./max.). Each player must bet at least the minimum amount, and the bets per box must not exceed the maximum.

Who wins?
The aim of the game is to come closer to 21 points than the bank without exceeding 21 points. The payout rate is 94.3% on average depending on the version played.

What is a blackjack?
A blackjack is a card value of 21 points with the first two cards (in other words, an ace and a picture card or an ace and a 10). A blackjack is special and earns a higher payout. Traditionally, the winner shows their appreciation for the good cards with a tip (tronc).

What are side bets?
In addition to the regular version of blackjack, you also have the exclusive option here of placing additional thrilling side bets.

Special game situations

As the controlling player, you can always split if your first two cards share the same value (e.g., two sixes or two picture cards). You then play with a “split hand”, in other words, two separate bets. An additional bet in the same amount as the initial bet is paid for each split hand. You can then take as many additional cards as you wish.

Exception: In the case of two split aces, you may only take one additional card each.

Furthermore, it is no longer possible to achieve a blackjack with a split ace – “merely” a card value of 21 points.

Once the controlling player has decided to split their hand, the person playing behind may also choose to place an additional bet or remain with their bet just on the “first hand”. It is possible to split a hand multiple times.

As the controlling player, you can double your bet after receiving the first two cards if you have a card value of 9, 10 or 11. If you double, you may only take one more card.

In the same way, doubling is only possible after splitting if you have a card value of 9, 10 or 11. The person playing behind a box may only double if the controlling player also doubles their bet.

Insurance can be taken out against the bank having a blackjack. If the bank’s first card is an ace, you can place half of your bet on the insurance bar. If the bank gets a blackjack, the insurance is paid out in a 2:1 ratio, otherwise it goes to the bank.

The game itself

Once you have placed your bets in the betting box on the table, the dealer deals the cards face up in a clockwise direction, starting with one card for each active box and thenthe bank. The boxes then each receive a second card: if the controlling player does not have a blackjack, they decide how to proceed. The “Hit” option allows them to request another card, whilst “Stand” means they do not want another card. If the controlling player exceeds a card value of 21, they are said to have gone “bust”. In this case, the bets in this box go to the bank.

Once all boxes have been played, the dealer deals a second card for the bank. At card values up to and including 16, another card must be taken; as of 17, it is not possible to take another card.

The players

Number 1: The controlling player decides how many cards
to take. Their bet is placed in the top box.
Number 2: Other people playing behind can join in by betting that the controlling player will beat the bank.
Number 3: Side bets

Super Pairs – side bet on own cards

As the controlling player, you also have the option of a Super
Pairs side bet – you wager an extra bet on your first two
cards. If you are dealt a pair, your win is paid out directly
and then the regular game continues.

Super Pairs / Pair of seven hearts / Payout 77:1
Identical Pairs / You are dealt a pair of the same suit, e.g. / Payout 25:1

Colored Pairs / You are dealt a pair from different either red or black suits, e.g. / Payout 15:1

Mixed Pairs / You are dealt a pair from differently coloured suits, e.g., / Payout 5:1

Super Jack – side bet on bank’s cards

When you play the regular game, you have the option of plac-
ing a side bet on the bank’s cards via these Super Jack boxes.

Super Jack / The bank is dealt a blackjack in hearts, e.g. / Payout 300:1

Gold Jack / The bank is dealt a blackjack in any suit, e.g. / Payout 77:1

Silver Jack / The bank is dealt a blackjack, e.g. / Payout 19:1

Bust / The bank goes bust, e.g. / Payout 2,5:1

End of the game

You have: The bank has: What happens:    
Black Jack

Anything but
a blackjack

Payout 1,5:1    
  Black Jack You receive your
bet back
Up to 21 points Fewer points Payout 1:1    
(but no        
Black Jack)        
  Same points You receive your
bet back

More points (but
not more than 21)
or a blackjack

Your bet goes
to the bank

  More than
21 points (bust)
Payout 1:1    
More than
21 points (bust)


Your bet goes
to the bank